We offer Equine assisted team building events for corporate groups. Our complimentary 90 minute manager level sampler is a hit and helps team managers to really understand how our program can take their team to the next level of communication and team building.

Our Team building events range from $2500 – ++ for a team of up to 30pple and we have 4 hour sessions and multi-day lessons to dive deep into our natural way to communite.

Contact us at Celebrate@thebarnathollyfarm.com to discuss your team’s visit to the farm.

Robyn Smith – Instructor and Equine Life Solutions Director

Robyn has been involved with horses for over 40 years. As a teenager and into her early 20’s she rode primarily QH/TB and Appaloosa crosses, competing in rodeo games, high speed relays, and bareback barrel racing. This training developed the extreme balance needed to compete in such challenging sports she would be involved with later. Her highly competitive “no fear” nature led her to sports such as Endurance, Competitive Trail, and Dressage.

After owning multiple horses over the years, mostly rescues, she encountered two particular “crazy” horses that led her to the wonderful world of Natural Horsemanship.  She now views the Parelli NH system as the most comprehensive way of communicating and “being” with horses. As a result, she has learned through the Parelli Principles how to appreciate and respect horses as they are (their horsanality) and not what she expected them to do (performance).

She has spent the past 20 years on a journey from a primarily “competitive, performance-driven horsewoman to a balanced, more appreciative partner of this great animal we call horse. Now she helps others find the most amazing partnership where horse and human compete cooperatively, on the ground and riding, in jobs they truly enjoy with their humans.

As a Registered Nurse with a background in anatomy and physiology, she fully supports the importance of balanced, centered riding through Natural Horsemanship training. These insights transition easily to an understanding of how to help disparate teams of humans work together as well.

Robyn is devoted to the development of people, nurturing participants in a learning environment that values and rewards intellectual curiosity, originality, motivation, and teamwork. She places a premium on the development of resilience and resourcefulness – skills that will help brace participants for an ever-changing world.