In addition to being a local business dedicated to supporting other local businesses as support to our services at The Barn.  We at Holly Farm hold a firm commitment to sustainability and “green” practices.  It is the only way to preserve the beauty and tradition of our farm for your enjoyment and for generations to come.

Holly Farm is a working farm, maintaining the local farm traditions, elevating them to incorporate a holistic vision of farm life.  Some of the ways that we observe this commitment include:

  • A great relationship with local Snohomish FarmHERS that can provide a complete organic catering solution to your dining pleasure. (our preferred list of caterers also provides organics)
  • Developing an education program in association with the Conservation district to do our part in protecting the Little Bear Creek Water shed which travels south through the back of our property.
  • An expanding daily stable to table program of farm doo processing fertilizer (sold in bags for your garden)
  • An all-natural fiber store that provides needed scholarship for equine therapy for those in need.
  • A Rain Water Capture System developed with the Snohomish County Conservation district to capture water from our 25,000 square feet of  covered arena to supply all the animal and field needs for our 17 acre farm.
  • Curriculum for independent education seekers.
  • Edible gardens (2 walk through)
  • On site herb garden (for our catered functions)
  • A true old fashioned white picket fence around our picnic yard
  • A fenced in farm yard celebration venue so you can enjoy your celebrations with our farm animals surrounding your event.
  • A South patio to entertain your guests in the late afternoon under our café lights
  • A Memory Maker Maple tree with wood swing for your photos
  • Chickens that will greet you upon arrival.
  • Animals that you can enjoy (from behind our fencing) and watch their interactions (sometime with great abandon and loud squeal, hee ha, baaa and an occasional mooo.)